Bristol Sport Foundation is a Charitable Intercorporate Organisation limited, established on Feb 3rd, 2016 and is a registered charity (No 1165410). The company was established under a Memorandum of Association and is governed under its Articles of Association. Trustees can serve up to three consecutive terms of two or three years and meet on a quarterly basis or as required to do so. The board currently has four trustees, who are responsible for setting the strategy of the charity and have ultimate decision-making power.

Our Strategy

BSF is wholeheartedly committed to working with other like-minded organisations committed to address the inequalities we face and help reconnect the City through sport and physical activity.

Our strategy lays out how we will use sport and physical activity to help make Bristol a healthier city.

Data Protection and Ethics

The Bristol Sport Foundation are committed to lead by example and handle our users’ data with dignity and integrity, for the good of our users. Please download our full data protection policy below.

Public documents on governance

We make the following documents publicly available as part of our commitment to good governance

2020/21 Annual


Equal Opportunities